The Humboldt Herald posted this song this morning, but it’s too good not to share. It’s by Joel Sonenshein of Arcata.




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7 responses to “$4.09

  1. Pretty good. Nice voice.

  2. AJ

    There’s a great song titled Petroleum Pirates that was shared on a blog a few years ago, maybe the Buhne Tribune. It’s lost to Google now. I have the MP3, but it doesn’t identify the artist.

    Now what will be the price lads?
    How far up will it fly?
    The sky’s the limit mateys,
    They’ve got no where else to buy.
    Petroleum pirates… cruisin’ Humboldt Bay.

    Depending on the year it was released, there’s a stanza about the DA that Rose would like.

  3. AJ

    Er, if my file save date is to believed, it was released in the vicinity of 1-5-2001, which maybe places it as a KHUM release?

  4. AJ

    Bingo. KHUM is no longer hosting it, but here’s the URL from 2001:
    [audio src="http://www.khum.com/Piratesmp3.mp3" /]

    Sorry, I hate not knowing something.

  5. AJ

    Alrighty, got the artist, “John Berning of Humboldt County.”

    He has a second song online, Hosed at the Gas Pump, about driving through Eureka. I e-mailed him a request for the earlier song to be placed online.

  6. Random Guy

    I was in the bay area all week…pulled up to the pump and it was $3.85, knew it had to be bad here.

    Highway robbery. There’s nothing logical about such flippant price changes unless you think about how calculable the cause and effect is for the monopoly’s number crunchers…psychological warfare at the gas pump. The fact that gas stations still fly the nine-tenths of a cent flag says it all.

    Do post that song, Hosed at the Gas Pump, if you get it!

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