Humboldt newspapering, 1855

“We have to apologize to the readers of the Times this week for double-banking on them a little with our reading matter. The shooting affray which occurred in our office last week left us without a compositor; with the assistance, however, of a ‘gentleman from the mountains,” we offer you this sheet as an apology for the Humboldt Times. Henry Rohner, who was shot in this office, before our last issue, is still alive and his attending physician considers him out of danger.”

– Humboldt Times, Nov. 3, 1855

From “The Sea Captain’s Odyssey, Biography of Captain H.H. Buhne” by Marvin Shepherd



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2 responses to “Humboldt newspapering, 1855

  1. Andrew Bird

    An early form of bastard/hybrid journalism.

  2. Wow! Their office was a pretty exciting place!

    Andrew, I like that: bastard journalism.

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