WARNING: Fraudulent traveler’s checks

Raw press release from EPD:

On 2/22/11, a representative from Coast Central Credit Union (CCCU) contacted the Eureka Police Department regarding a recent rash of counterfeit traveler’s check’s they’ve received from unaware customers.

CCCU reported that last night and today (2/21 and 2/22/2011) they received several fraudulent Visa AAA (triple A) traveler’s checks all bearing serial number 1572302515166. Unwitting employees from several businesses at the Bayshore Mall accepted the traveler’s checks as payment for merchandise and later brought them to CCCU to deposit. The traveler’s checks were then determined by credit union employees to be fake.

According to credit union representatives, the as of yet unidentified suspect(s) used military I.D. to pass the false checks, which were all in $100.00 denominations. The fake checks appeared to have been printed on heavy paper with an inkjet printer, which is noticeable upon close examination.

CCCU urges all businesses accepting Visa AAA traveler’s checks not to accept ones bearing the above listed serial number. CCCU also urges sales clerks to require and carefully check proper identification from customer’s using such traveler’s checks.


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