In this week’s edition (Wednesday, Feb. 23, 2011)

Photo of the press at Western Web, where the pressmen will work their magic and print the coming edition of the McKinleyville Press this evening.

Land use planning isn’t the sexiest topic, but it’s pretty darn important – especially for McKinleyville. As you’ve read, the county is proposing to rezone properties to allow for high density development.

So this week’s newspaper has plenty of news and commentary related to the issue.

There’s an article about the possibility of McKinleyville having its own planning commission. There’s coverage of the Valentine’s Day planning workshop, during which residents expressed their outrage over the rezoning proposal. There’s coverage of the county Planning Commission, which is discussing snubbing state housing demands.

There are some thoughtful letters about the topic, as well as several letters regarding Measure B.

Also in this edition:

• Couple faces charges for Trinidad tree chopping

• Grim cuts to the county budget

• MCSD may raise sewer and water hookup fees, which seem to be so low that they raise a question – have ratepayers been subsidizing new development for the past decade or two?

• Headwaters Fund has more money in it now than when it was created.

• Some punk slashed a bunch of tires in the Heartwood Subdivision and was caught.

• Girl Scouts are selling cookies. Look for them this weekend at Safeway, Ray’s and Kmart.

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