Shop McKinleyville campaign?

I picked up this button at a rummage sale several months ago. Was there an organized ‘Shop McKinleyville First” campaign at some time? I’ve been paying attention to this kind of stuff for about 17 years and don’t recall anything like that.



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3 responses to “Shop McKinleyville campaign?

  1. AJ

    Given the totem pole, maybe it was a publicity effort by the McKinleyville Shopping Center. The lack of a city center hinders us in quite a few ways.

    I’d like to see such a campaign for our public school system. Nothing bothers me more than to see families leave the district for the mythical power of a charter school. What matters most in a child’s education is what transpires at home. We have two excellent elementary schools with unique programs, and when we lose a family at the elementary level, they’re gone.

  2. AJ

    I confirmed with the shopping center’s owner/manager that this button wasn’t used in recent memory, at least since 1997.

    I bet it’s from the late 1980s when the Bayshore Mall opened. The Arcata Downtown Business Community (Arcata Main Street) formed at that time in response to the mall, and it no doubt had a shop local campaign. It’d be easy for McKinleyville to glom onto that sentiment by simply making a button.

  3. jackdurham

    Cindy Harrington at the McKinleyville Chamber informs us that she was going through some old newspaper clippings and found that this slogan was used a lot in advertising in the 1980s.

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