Planning Commission: Move the airport

From the Feb. 16, 2011 issue.

By Daniel Mintz
Press Staff Writer

County planning commissioners have declined to support a policy on expanding services at the Arcata-Eureka Airport because they think it should be moved out of the fog…. (For the rest of the article, get a copy of this week’s McKinleyville Press.)



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3 responses to “Planning Commission: Move the airport

  1. AJ

    Jack, I’d like to see the Press take on a bigger community advocacy role. Please call it what it is: the McKinleyville Airport. After a while, it will start to bother certain people. When a county official confronts you, the interaction will go something like this:

    Pinhead: “Its proper name is the Arcata-Eureka Airport.”

    Jack: “Where is it located?”

    Pinhead: “That’s not the point.”

    Jack: “No, it is the point. What’s the name of the town where the airport is located?”

    Pinhead: “Come on, Jack.”

    Jack: “The name, please.”

    Pinhead: “Muh-kin-lee-vill.”

    Jack: “Thank you. We’re done here.”

  2. Anon

    I don’t know if it is true, but a long time back a pilot told me that there is no where else to move the airport as there are either hills or not enough area to build it. Fed X which does not come to the Arcata/EKA airport have to land at Kneeland if there is fog in Eureka. There is fog in many areas of large airports but they happen to have control towers and land and take off anyway. Our control tower is in the Bay Area so that is why at times airplanes are flying over houses and not over the Simpson land where they are supposed to be. As far as not expanding because of fog – duh. It is hard to get different airlines to come here. We got Delta and then they did not have enough people flying to Salt Lake City so they left. I don’t think it was the fog.

  3. jackdurham

    I’ve heard the same thing. although I don’t know if it’s true. Finances alone should kill this idea of moving the airport.

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