The upcoming issue

We’ve got lots of interesting articles in the coming edition – skateboarders unite in Trinidad, “dirty dancing” controversy at Mack High, a proposal to relocate the airport (A crazy idea, in my opinion), high school district looks at how to spend bond money, protest at Caltrans, and much more.

We have letters in support of Measure B, and one letter in opposition (Guess from who?).

There’s commentary in support of Gov. Brown, and a column from a local Tea Party spokeswoman about high taxes and government spending.

There’s a preview of McKinleyville Art Night.

Maybe one or two of the articles will appear on this blog at some point. You’ll miss most of them unless you SUBSCRIBE to the paper or purchase a copy. Newspapers are sold at racks and retail locations from Trinidad to Eureka.


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  1. Mara

    Also in this weeks issue and a letter to the editor written by me about how the high school students in McKinleyville are forced to shiver in the hallways during lunch and get in trouble for hugging to keep warm.

    Why isn’t Measure Q money going to be used to build our teenagers a safe, warm place to eat lunch? It’s a health & safety issue to make them hang out in the hallways!!!

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