Front Page 1.26.11

So how can we know what the McKinleyville Press front page will look like on Wednesday when it’s only Monday night? Does it involve time travel?

No. It’s a matter of deadlines. We print sometime in the wee hours of Monday night/Tuesday morning. This allows us to get the paper to the Post Office on Tuesday, so it can arrive in the mail on Wednesday.

Here’s this week’s front page:

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Here are some PDF files containing maps about the proposed Mack Town rezoning, an issue which seems to be uniting McKinleyville’s different political factions. So it turns out we do have some common ground!






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8 responses to “Front Page 1.26.11

  1. AJ

    McKinleyville won’t have local control until it incorporates.

  2. Jonathan

    The county wont let mctown incorporate, its the cash cow for the county.

  3. Random Guy

    As everybody knows, “low income housing” is a sugar coated way of saying DENSITY. As everybody knows as well, like the above commenter says about McKinleyville as a whole, DENSITY is a cash cow for developers. There’s no reason larger living spaces can’t be made affordable. This CREATES poverty, PERPETUATES sprawl, and undeniably DESTROYS surrounding open spaces. This is BAD NEWS.

  4. jackdurham

    The problem with the laws governing incorporation is that they put a town like McKinleyville at a serious economic disadvantage. Fortunately, incorporation isn’t necessary to take on planning powers. The MCSD could, if it wanted, take control of planning.

    By the way, from what I’ve seen, developers don’t like the high densities. Apparently, it’s more profitable to building low density, single family homes.

    Perhaps someone familiar with the industry can tell us why that is so.

  5. Random Guy

    hmm…scratch synonyms of “development” then, jack…just casual writing. But you know what I mean…A quadroplex or an apartment building on the same lot where one, or even two small homes could exist (affordably) will generate significantly more cash for whoever owns those sites.

    Also, “pressure from the state” to build more housing doesn’t mean squat….look at who’s adamant about sucking up to the pressure. What about all the “pressure from the people who actually live here” to go another direction entirely?

  6. Anonymous

    I think it has more to do with principle than profit. The developers that actually live here , like the community, and do not want to wreck it.

  7. Anon

    Unfortunately the high density that is being proposed is not a four plex it is 22 units minimum per acre which is going to cause traffic issues as quite a few would be in the center of town which would either use McKinleyville Avenue or Central Avenue for main travel to the highway which is why the round a bout on School Road.

    As to MCSD taking over planning I don’t know if they could just do that or if it would actually take a vote to give them planning powers. They don’t control land use so far as I know and only control building by being able (or not) to provide sewer service. They would probably have to hire planning staff and figure out a way to bill everyone in McKinleyville to pay for them as the County certainly is not going to give up more of their tax money that pays for their planning department. Thanks for putting in the links to the maps.

  8. Random Guy

    22 units per acre…!!! WTF?!?!? The property adjascent to where I live is an even rectangular half acre. I picture ten “units” on it…no no no. VERY BAD. Anonymous 10:04, am I understanding you right? Are you really believing that they care about the quality of life in mckinleyville to be supporting that kind of development? I’m gonna take a wild guess that Ryan Sundberg doesn’t have 50+ people living within 300 feet of him at all times, and sure as hell doesn’t want to.

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