Weekend storm

Just in from the Weather Serivice:

I’m sure you’ve heard about the storm this weekend. I just wanted to mention some of the hazardous aspects of this event:

Dangerous high surf Sunday night through Monday morning: Since this is an early season large surf event, water from the breaking waves will wash farther up the beach than folks might expect. This is because the beaches still have their summer shape that ramps the water up the beach.

Rain throughout the weekend with heaviest rain starting late Saturday afternoon: These first big rains can cause flooding because debris from all summer can wash into and block drains and culverts resulting in water running across roads. First rains can also cause rock slides in steep areas. Motorists should drive slower this weekend and watch for these hazards.

Last weekend of deer season and first weekend of duck season: The rain hazards mentioned above will be particularly relevant to deer hunters driving in mountainous terrain during pre-dawn hours. For duck hunters on lagoons, lakes and bays, there will be particularly strong winds Saturday night and Sunday morning that could cause trouble for folks in small boats with heavy waders on and lots of heavy gear on board. Life vests will be especially prudent during this duck season opener!

For more information, check out our web page and Weather Story at http://www.weather.gov/eureka

Or, of course, call the office or me any time.


Troy Nicolini
NOAA’s National Weather Service


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