MCSD unveils new logo

Here’s the new logo for the McKinleyville Community Services District:

Before this new logo, the MCSD used the clip art below of an azalea, with the district’s name nearby.

Here’s a press release from the MCSD:

The McKinleyville Community Services District Board of Directors has approved a new logo.
In order to update its logo, MCSD asked for ideas from members of the community by holding a logo contest.
“Several great logos were submitted and members of MCSD staff and the Board of Directors reviewed each one carefully,” stated a press release from the MCSD.
After review, the logo committee decided they wanted a logo that incorporated many things that relate to thecommunity.
The end result is a logo that includes images having to do with water, sewer, streetlights, parks, and recreation. In addition, there is an image of a river flowing around a bluff and into the ocean.  Behind the river and upon the bluff are some redwood trees, a few houses, and a mountain ridge in the background.



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12 responses to “MCSD unveils new logo

  1. Lucky 13

    Wow! With the logo like that, we might be inspired to become a real city, sometime in the next 50 years.

  2. AJ

    Any of the four boxes in the lower right-hand corner are logos. What MCSD has created is better described as a poster.

  3. jackdurham

    First they got input from the community. Then they formed a staff committee and tossed it around. A company called Intermedia created the final product, based upon what it was given.

  4. jackdurham

    Personally, I like it. It has the symbols showing the district’s main powers — sewer, water, streetlights and recreation/parks. The other artwork shows that we’re in the redwoods, with a river wrapping around us. I think this logo works nicely. In the future, we can use this as a starting point for designing new logos, which should evolve with the district.

  5. NO!

    I don’t trust it. If you do 8 shots of tequila then stand on your head and do back to back gravity bong rips under a strobe light while staring at it stuck to a record player at 78 rpm, you’ll see why. OH YOU”LL SEE AND YOU’LL WISH YOU NEVER DID. BRING BACK THE CLIPART AZALEA…SIGN PETITION BELOW


  6. NO!

    I figure they need at least 10 signatures so I put seven more below for a total of 11, in case somebody flakes when it’s time to verify their authenticity. (there’s a space for 2 signatures side-by-side on the first line)
    _________ ___________

  7. NO!

    I’m almost ashamed to live here. Remember come 2079 who didn’t speak up against this bogus new flag. Read the new “logo” as a comic strip and you’ll begin to understand…here in this small wooded town, where the trees are like prison bars, greens and browns are being mixed with the blue in our tapwater, causing people to jackoff ridiculously long penises and shoot out streetlights with bb guns. SIGN THE @#$! PETITION!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. jackdurham

    Dear NO!,
    I read your last comment, then went back and looked at the logo again. I see what you’re saying, but it only makes me like the logo even more!

  9. jackdurham

    NO! wrote “If you do 8 shots of tequila then stand on your head and do back to back gravity bong rips under a strobe light while staring at it stuck to a record player at 78 rpm, you’ll see why.”

    Jack responds: Perhaps others could repeat your experiment and report back on their observations.

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