Live fire training in McK

This old, dilapidated house at 1245 School Road in McKinleyville will be burned by the Arcata Fire Department as part of a live fire training starting at 8:30 a.m. Saturday, July 17. The house is being destroyed to make way for a new subdivision. Years ago, the developer offered to give the house away for free if someone would remove it. However, the house is in poor condition and there were no takers. The Arcata Fire Department is warning nearby residents to close their windows Saturday if they are sensitive to smoke.



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9 responses to “Live fire training in McK

  1. Glad you got a picture of it for posterity.

  2. Schwingerkönig

    I wonder what the County will do once they can’t force all development into Mac-Town?

  3. Anon

    Didn’t get near the building while it was being burned down but sure had a lot of smoke from it. Good training for the FD as it was an old dry wood building that are always hard to stop a fire or even get it under control.


    Actually, it was more than just removing it – it was also tabbed as being a possible requirement by pressure to not destroy it as I remember the story write-up seemed to imply.

    I mentioned to several people that I would disassemble the home stick-by-stick. Apparantly, disassembling is not as popular as a public relations event!

    Jeffrey Lytle
    McKinleyville – 5th District


    BTW, Air Quality Control and legal liability still require the fire personnel to avoid impacts. Merely warning neighbors should close their windows is an unacceptable mandate. They should not burn if they have to warn people about liability through acting out any nuisance violations.


  6. jackdurham

    About four or five years ago, Jim Furtado offered to give the building away if someone would remove it. This was on the front page of the McK Press. There were no takers. Burning the house has a lot of value to the community in the firm of training for our firefighters. As for the smoke, what the hell? It’s a freakin’ house fire/training burn. People need to get over it.

  7. “People need to get over it.”

    I agree.

  8. Thanks For Sharing Yours Views

  9. Anonymous

    We salvage good timbers and wood from these houses. you can see it’s only the porch that leans. The house is straight and strong looking. good roof

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