Sometimes a Great Notion

I’m rereading Sometimes a Great Notion and came across this mention of Eureka. Check it out. – Jack

…all up and down the West Coast, there are little towns much like Wakonda. Up as far as Victoria and down as far as Eureka. Towns dependent on what they are able to wrest from the sea in front of them and from the mountains behind, trapped between both. Towns all hamstrung by geographic economies, by rubber-stamp mayors and chambers of commerce, by quagmire time… canneries all peeling dollar-a-quart Army surplus paint, mills all sprouting moss between curling shingles… all so nearly alike that they might be nested one inside the other like hollow toys. Wiring all corroding, machinery all decaying. People all forever complaining about tough times and trouble, about bad work and worse pay, about cold winds blowing and colder winters coming…



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2 responses to “Sometimes a Great Notion

  1. Sounds much like the airport, which is exposed to cold north winds blasted by corrosive salt air.

  2. Julie Timmons

    Eureka is also mentioned briefly in Alan Ginsburg’s great “HOWL” . He’s in a Greyhound station and catalogues the freight which includes “radiators bound for Eureka”. Remember the original edition, the black and white pamphlet? It would be a worthy project to catalogue all the literary references to Eureka and other Humboldt towns.

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