Durham and Allen to wed!


Jack Durham and Kim Allen have announced they will marry on Nov. 14 at Moonstone Beach.

The future bride is the daughter of Harvey and Marge Allen of Burbank, Calif. She is a 1985 graduate of Burbank High School. She spent a year studying in Barcelona, Spain before moving to Humboldt County, where she received a bachelor’s degree from Humboldt State University in 1992. She works as a case manager doing rural outreach for Humboldt County Mental Health.

The future groom is the son of George and Patricia Durham of San Mateo, Calif. He is a 1987 graduate of Aragon High School and studied journalism at Humboldt State University. He has worked for The Willits News, Woodland Daily Democrat, Arcata Union and Humboldt Beacon. In 1996, he founded the McKinleyville Press, where he serves as the editor, publisher and paperboy.

After the wedding, the couple will honeymoon in Italy, Sicily and Malta.



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7 responses to “Durham and Allen to wed!

  1. Hi Jack, Congrats to you and Kim. Excited for your both. Richard

  2. We will always know her as The Goddess.

  3. Helen Bartolo Luther

    Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. I am an almost 30 year resident of McKinleyville and I was so jealous to read about your honeymoon plans in the Press. My father, Anthony Bartolo, was born in Malta. I have always wanted to travel there. If you go on the ferry from Malta to Gozo, my cousin owns the ferry. Enjoy your honeymoon in the Mediterrean.

    Helen Bartolo Luther

  4. Patricia Holladay

    Congratulations and the very best wishes for a happy life together. I am so pleased for you both.

    Sincerely, Patricia

  5. Mike Harvey

    Congrats Jack and Kim! Have a fun and exciting honeymoon and a great life together. enjoy the gelato and vino.

    Regards, Mike

  6. A beautiful day. Sunshine and warmth, amazing people and great food. (Hope you post the recipes)

    The Gods were smiling.

  7. Elisabeth Pajara

    Congratulations and best wishes!

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