McK Union School District candidate Tim Hooven

Tim Hooven crop

From 10/21/09 issue


By Elaine Weinreb

Press Staff Writer




Q. Why do you want to run for the MUSD board?
Tim Hooven: I want to do my part in this community.  I think I can do a good job. I usually donate my time to something, and this involves my son indirectly, even though he’s only two years old right now.
Q. Since January, how many MUSD board meetings have you attended?
Hooven: One or two.
Q. The state budget is still very unstable. In case further cuts are necessary, what programs would you reduce or eliminate?
Hooven: That’s a tough one.  Whatever has the least impact on the students.
Q. Do you have any other ideas for raising money or improving the finances of the school district?
Hooven: I haven’t gone through the budget. I could probably find something. When I was on a task force for the Arcata Fire Protection District, we went through their budget, and found ways to help them save some money.
Q. Did you support the idea of making Morris a full language immersion school? How do you feel it is working out?
Hooven: I don’t know how it’s working out. I support the idea. I talked to Barb Kelly about it before that.
Q.  Do you believe that the Citizens Oversight Committee should meet more than once a year, or have any more authority than it already does?
Hooven: From what I understand, there’s a plan to be followed. The Oversight Committee comes in after the improvements are made and says “Yes” or “No”, “You did this according to the plan.”
It’s probably better to have them more involved in the beginning of it, rather than at the end.
Q. What would you do to improve staff morale?
Hooven: Is there a problem with staff morale? Communication.  Make sure everybody knows what’s going on, and why.
Q. Parents sometimes transfer their children in other districts, to take advantage of what they perceive as better educational opportunities. What would you do to improve education for McKinleyville’s gifted children?
Hooven: I don’t know. I went to Dow’s Prairie, McKinleyville Middle School, and McKinleyville High. I felt that I got a good education. When I was there, there was some kind of program for gifted children.
They have good schools here and teachers who care.
Q. In the past two years, what decisions of the board have you agreed with? Which have you disagreed with, and why?
Hooven: I don’t know. I haven’t been following all their decisions. I don’t have an agenda. I wasn’t running against anybody when I signed up, and thought it was something I could do, and be good at it.
Q. What is your occupation?
Hooven: I’m the vice president and chief financial officer of Hooven & Co.
Q. How long have you lived in McKinleyville?
Hooven: Since 1971, when I was born, except for a few years in the military.
Q.  If elected, what changes, if any, would you try to make?
Hooven: I wouldn’t try to make any changes right away. For the first few months, at least, you’d have to sit and really get tuned in to the staff and the board members.
Like any management job, you don’t just go in there and start changing everything. You go in, and say “What’s going on?” and observe how things are going.  Then, maybe after a while, you notice things, and that’s when you can start talking about them.


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