Interview with MCSD candidate Dave Varshock

Dave Varschock 001From 9/30/09 issue

By Elaine Weinreb
Press Staff Writer

Q. How many MCSD board meetings have you attended since you became a candidate?
Dave Varshock: None.
Q. What makes you qualified to be a candidate?
Varshock: I’m a citizen. I believe it’s a person’s civic duty to participate in the public arena. I’ve been in business for myself for quite some time. I have a family here in McKinleyville.
I was the president of the Friends of the Mad River Fish Hatchery. I’m also very involved with the General Plan update process. I also sit on the Citizen’s Advisory Committee for the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District.
Q. Do you support extending Measure B? If so, how would you like to see the money spent?
Varshock: If Measure B was going to be extended, if the need is there to cover debt service for the recreational facilities, Azalea Hall, the sports complex, and their maintenance and upkeep, then yes, I would be in favor of extending it.
A lot of Measure B is going to depend on what the outcome of the Mad River water situation is, because of the loss of the revenue to Humboldt Bay based on 20 million gallons of commercial water. Humboldt Bay has no choice but to make it up through their municipal customers and residential customers.
So depending on what those rate increases are, it may necessitate the extension of it [Measure B]. If the need’s not there, the people don’t need to keep paying it.
Q. Should the MCSD extend its powers and provide additional services? If so, how?
Varshock: No.
Q. How should the MCSD upgrade its sewer system?
Varshock: Fortunately, MCSD’s sewer system isn’t in as bad shape as most of the rest of the county. I know that the age of the infrastructure is starting to become an issue, as it is through the entire county.
Q. What’s your view of how the board dealt with its conflict with former MCSD Manager Marking?
Varshock: I didn’t pay a lot of attention to the way they handled Tom [Marking]’s situation. I followed it via the media. It was the board’s decision – that’s why the board is there.
Q. What would you like to accomplish on the board?
Varshock: I would like to see the skate park built. I don’t agree with the community garden replacing the skate park. I think that’s an atrocious idea. It’s an attack on our kids. When kids don’t have a lot to go do, they get into trouble. I want my children and their friends to have healthy, safe, and productive things and recreational activities that they can go do.
We have enough room for outside, organized activities that wouldn’t cost very much to implement and maintain.
My company is a big supporter of youth recreation.
Q. What are the biggest challenges facing MCSD?
Varshock: A disappearing population. An exodus out of Humboldt County due to lack of jobs. When your population decreases, your revenue decreases and you can’t do the things you’ve always done.
Another one of my concerns is speed and heroin. There has been a big influx of substance abusers in this town. That needs to be curtailed.
We need Neighborhood Watches. I’m a huge, huge proponent of Neighborhood Watches.
I would look to the community to tell MCSD what we need to do to alleviate these concerns.
Q. What is your occupation?
Varshock: I’m a broker, a business owner and an auctioneer.
Q. How long have you lived in McKinleyville?
Varshock: Almost eleven years.


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