Any questions for manager applicants? Comments?

By Jack Durham

Press Editor


The McKinleyville Community Services District Board of Directors may start interviewing applicants for the position of general manager as early as next week.

Although those interviews will take place in closed session, residents can provide board members with suggested questions to ask as well as attributes that they should be looking for in a new manager.

Whoever is selected by the board will replace  Manager Tom Marking, who is scheduled to retire May 1.

Public input can be mailed to the MCSD at 1656 Sutter Road, McKinleyville, CA 95519 or emailed to

Those who would like to remain anonymous can send questions and comments to the McKinleyville Press, which will retype the comments and forward them to board members. 

Comments can be emailed to or sent to the Press headquarters at 1660 Central Avenue, Ste F.

Comments can also be posted on the McKinleyville Press blog at



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10 responses to “Any questions for manager applicants? Comments?

  1. sally ride

    a low priority but what would it take to get more connection on trails? the current manager is a bike rider,I’d like to now what applicants feel the district role should be. wait and see/grants/public,private agreements/more developer pressure/ ? what type of recreational activities do applicants enjoy?

  2. Anonymous

    what role can MCSD play to help get more county road repairs done?

  3. Anonymous

    MCSD doesn’t have the equipment to pave roads so unless they could give money to the county I don’t think there is anything that MCSD can do.

    I believe everyone has to think about the MCSD powers that they currently are responsible to do – water, sewer, library, parks & recreation. I don’t think anyone is going to have enough money to throw around on expanding what they currently do.

  4. Anonymous

    Do any of the applicants have experience working with the Intergrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) program in California?

    Do any of the applicants have experience working with and understanding the IRWM Proposition 50 and 84 Grant funding process.

  5. Anonymous

    A good understanding of nepa/cegua and water discharge requirements seems necessary.

  6. Anonymous

    the CSD has got fines before. Experience working at and with the Ca regulatory agencies.

  7. Anonymous

    Fines are a common issue with all water providers. The state has a punish not help way of problem solving. Arcata has a lot of ongoing fines too. A manager needs to be tough to defend MCSD and yet diplomatic.

  8. Anonymous

    The person hired should have worked for a water & sewer district previously as a manager. Without that kind of background we will probably have more fines and less mitigation of the fines.

    Should also be chlorine certified.

  9. Anonymous

    Seems that McVil is going to GROW! Marking would be a good model for a new GM. Why the hell are we letting him go?

  10. Anonymous

    What will the new manager do to ,#1 bring in grant funding and #2 protect the current reserves?

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