Holy smokes! Check this out

In today’s paper we have an article (see previous blog entry) about bad sportsman. This unedited press release just came in today from the EPD:


On February 17th, 2009 at about 8:29pm an officer from the Eureka Police Department was dispatched to a report of a disturbance at a basketball game at the Eureka High School.  Upon arrival the officer contacted the school principal who told him that a 17 year old student had been physically assaulted by a female adult later identified as Roseanne REDNER of Eureka.  Redner had confronted the juvenile after the basketball game in front of the gym.  Another female tried to break up the incident, allowing the juvenile to escape.  Redner then assaulted her.


The officer contacted the irate Redner who began yelling at members of the crowd – advancing on them and challenging them to fight.  Redner would not calm down and talk to the officer, and continued to try to advance on members of the crowd – again challenging them to fight.


The officer attempted to take her into custody and tried to grasp her wrist to handcuff her.  Redner pulled away from the officer and tried to punch him.  The officer grabbed her by the upper body and took her to the ground in a second attempt to handcuff her.  She rolled onto her back and kicked the officer in the chest.


The officer deployed his taser on Redner, which had minimal effect due to the thickness of her clothing.  After a brief struggle, the officer was able to handcuff Redner and take her into custody.


After Redner was taking into custody some of the members of the large crowd erupted in spontaneous applause.  This angered other members of the crowd.  About 15-20 members of the crowd then began angrily advancing on the officer and Redner in essence demanding that he leave her alone.  Having no backup and fearing he was about to be assaulted by the angry crowd, the officer drew his handgun and pointed it at the advancing crowd, demanding that they stop.  They stopped about 20 feet from him and did not advance further. 


After backup officers arrived, Redner was transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility where she was booked on charges of Felony Child Abuse, Resisting Arrest, Challenging Another to Fight, and Disturbance of a School Function.






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2 responses to “Holy smokes! Check this out

  1. I guess we can be glad this officer did not actually fire on the crowd.

    If this is the same officer who was assigned to the high school last year, this is not his first incident of feeling disproportionately threatened. Excessive force is his usual reaction. Being in charge of kids seems like the worst possible assignment for a man like that. He has no skills in de-escalating tense situations.

    There are much better and more skilled officers on the EPD now. I hope the commander will consider assigning one to the high school.

    The crowd’s reaction is a sign of how disenfranchised and utterly tired of police misconduct people are. The woman was clearly misbehaving, but we cannot know how violently the officer reacted. Remember what we are reading here is a press release issued by the EPD.

  2. karolwilcox

    UPDATE to my previous comment: It was not the same officer that worked Eureka High School at this time last year. This was a different officer.

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