Some headlines from this week’s McK Press

In this week’s McKinleyville Press:

• District Refused to Clean Up Dock Debris – Chunks of dock are washing up on local beaches, but don’t expect the Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District to do anything about it.

• Suspect Captured – A McKinleyville man who allegedly abused and tortured a toddler was arrested.

• Settlement Strikes Measure T – A measure that was intended to limit outside corporate donations to local campaigns is now null and void.

• Finding Replacement Manager to Cost $25K – The MCSD will hire a head hunter to find a replacement for Manager Tom Marking.

• Harbor Board Divided Over Bay’s Future – Another predictable 3-2 vote.

• Budget: Bad News for Road Repairs, The Sick, The Elderly – Budget cuts are coming.

• Proposed Residence May Impact Airport – Should residences be built at the Airport Business Park.

• Higgins: Setting the Record Straight – Pat Higgins responds to Tom Marking.

• Mt. Lions Play Role in Ecology – A letter to the editor about mountain lions.

• Get Inspired at McK Art Night – A full schedule of Friday’s activities.

• Parts Store Relocates to Mack Town – Napa Auto Parts opens at McKinleyville Shopping Center.

• Spenceley’s Voyage During the Invasion of Normandy – Read Geoff Spenceley’s WWII diary.

• Good News in McKinleyville – Happy news from Eleanor Sullivan.



See this week’s issue for even more news…


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