Farewell, favorite tree

It was a pretty tree, albeit a dead tree. It never had any leaves on it that I ever saw, but it always looked lovely. I took a lot of photos of it, but not nearly enough.

Here’s the tree last August on one of those days when you’re glad to live in paradise. The tree, by the way, was located near the mouth of the Mad River between the Knox Cove subdivision and Murray Road. A lot of people stop at this location to admire the river mouth.

There were a lot of different ways to look at the tree and admire it.

The environment out there is brutal. This photo was taken this January. I thought for sure the river would gobble her up.

I pedaled by the tree last Thursday when it was blazing outside and took this photo.

I took the long way to work today and discovered this sight. I suspect it happened during the high winds yesterday afternoon or evening.

So goes the landscape along the banks of the Mad River. Things are always changing.



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5 responses to “Farewell, favorite tree

  1. It’s pretty cool, Jack. Sad, but, the series of shots, pretty cool!

  2. HumRed

    Has anyone checked into where the GM of the MCSD was last nite, does he have a alibi.

  3. anonymous

    Not surprising that it finally broke in the winds. It was out in the open and had been dead for years. Made interesting photos and I always took pictures of it too.

    Gone but not forgotten.

  4. Kym

    The photos you took were lovely. But even more I enjoyed your memories of the tree’s changes.

  5. sgirl

    that is sad, yes i remember that tree, out of town in a crappy state, beautiful pictures makes me miss home bad

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