McK Totem Pole, a closer examination



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5 responses to “McK Totem Pole, a closer examination

  1. Anonymous

    Ernie Pierson carved this totem pole as a promotional gimmick for his new shopping center. An impressive guy and a very nice totem pole, though hardly native art.

  2. jackdurham

    Although inspired by Native American art, it’s clearly not native art.

    I’m tempted to call it “folk art,” being that Humboldt County residents have a tradition of woodcarving. Pierson did it on a grand scale.

    I’ve pretty much forgotten what the pole looked like before Duane Flatmo repainted it in 1996. The photo above demonstrates that he added his flare to the landmark.

    If I have time this week, I’ll dig through my piles of stuff and look for the children’s book that Pierson wrote. There’s a little story behind each animal carved on the pole.

  3. Kym

    I’d love to see that. I collect children’s books. Of course, I read them to my kid but really I like them myself.

  4. Rose

    I used to have a couple. Anne Pierson (I think) had them (re?)printed and handed out when Flatmo repainted. I may still have one. If I stumble across it, Kym, it’s yours.

  5. Kym

    Rose, thank you! That is a wonderful offer but I was just wistful for a peek not angling for the book.

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