Opposition to McK school bond

Some McKinleyville movers and shakers – including at least one that has years of experience with local public schools – are coming out against Measure C.

The measure, which will appear on the June 3 ballot, would raise $14 million for the McKinleyville Union School District. The money would be used to build a new gym, upgrade plumbing and electrical systems, improve fields and renovate science classrooms among other things.

If approved by at least 55 percent of voters, the measure would tax property owners $29.90 per $100,000 of assessed value. For a person who recently bought a house in McKinleuville for $300,000, the tax would come to $89.70 a year and would continue for about 40 years.

You’ll have to wait until next Tuesday’s paper to read about the opposition to Measure C.

In the meantime, here’s a question to ponder: Why was the Northern Humboldt High School District able to make numerous upgrades, some similar to those proposed by the MUSD, without asking local voters to raise their own taxes?


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  1. anonymous

    Because they were smarter in how they got their funds. Could MUSD have garnered funds the same way? Probably.

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