$4 a gallon

We reached a milestone this week.



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8 responses to “$4 a gallon

  1. Anonymous

    That fu—ng Tom Marking, causing our fuel prices to rise. You better call for the SOB’s resignation.

  2. Don’t be silly. There’s legitimate reasons to call for Marking’s resignation.

  3. Anonymous

    Don’t be silly? That’s all you dear girl.

  4. Kym

    I know its $4 and you know its $4 so why the pretense that it is still $3 range. I hate the .99 thing!

  5. jackdurham

    Exactly! What’s up with charging $3.9999 a gallon?

  6. anonymous

    Trinidad got past the .9999 since they were at $4.02 a couple of days ago.

    Costco was at $3.8999 yesterday. Anyone know how much the Blue Lake Casino station is charging??

  7. Anonymous

    That God D—ed Marking, forcing 99 cents on McK. Better ask him to resign.

  8. Nice bike, Jack.
    I dig the 70’s style brake hoods. A nod to one possible response to the gas prices, and to history (late 70’s oil crisis).

    For me the milestone was this morning when regular unleaded started with a 4 for the first time that I’ve seen. Remember the Katrina oil shock a couple years ago when gas jumped up to $3.50 for a little while and folks flipped on that?

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