Despite what was reported, it didn’t happen, even though it probably will

You may have heard on the local television news that the MCSD board approved a new contract for Manager Tom Marking at Wednesday’s meeting. And you probably read the same news in one of the local dailies.

I don’t want to be a nitpicky jerk about those news reports, but they’re both incorrect.

Despite what you heard or read, the MCSD board has not approved a contract with Marking. In fact, at Wednesday’s meeting the board didn’t even have a contract to consider. What the board had were some contract terms that they voted upon. The vote on some of Marking’s contract terms was 3-2, and that voting pattern will probably remain the same when the actual contract is presented.

The actual contract will come before the board at an upcoming meeting.

So the reports you watched on TV or read in the daily are probably valid predictions of what will happen, but not what happened.

More on this in Tuesday’s issue. 


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