My caviar and diamond budget takes a hit

In a column last October I wrote that “It’s often repeated like a mantra that ‘(Tom) Marking saves the district money.’” I was referring to some of the work he has done in-house rather than hiring consultants and contractors. 

This week Marking apparently found another way to save the district money – $25 to be exact. I got a call on my answering machine from a friendly employee who stated that the MCSD’s subscription to the McKinleyville Press was to be canceled per orders from “management.”

So on Tuesday, for the first time in nearly 12 years, there won’t be a McKinleyvillle Press delivered to the MCSD’s P.O. box.

The district still had about five months left on its subscription, so I won’t feel the financial hit until sometime in September when I’ll be short exactly $25. At that point I’ll need to make some adjustments to my opulent lifestyle.



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5 responses to “My caviar and diamond budget takes a hit

  1. Tom Marking is a little man.

    But at least McKinleyville residents can feel secure writing letters to the editor without provoking an inappropriate response from uber-defensive Marking.

  2. Anonymous

    her aldo you are a little girl who is uber-evil and gutless too. write a letter to the editor yourself you slimmy,sissy,slut!

  3. Guess you’ll have to cut back, Jack. Tough times, indeed. There goes your weekly pedicure budget… I feel your pain.

  4. Anonymous

    Jack, I think it is time you started editing these comments for offensive language

  5. DR. BILL

    So heraldo can run his punk mouth on Marking, no big deal. But when an anon uses the word slut, on my god edit quick.

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