Return of the Handlebar Cam! Tour de Hammond Trail

I recently came across a little device I rigged up a few years ago that allows me to mount my digital camera on my handlebars. So just for kicks, and to test out the video mode on my new camera, I went for a ride Thursday evening in the howling wind. The results are less than impressive, given the shakiness of the camera. Consider this an experiment only.

So, for what it’s worth, here’s the Tour de Hammond Trail, from School Road to Strawberry Creek (Clam Beach).



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8 responses to “Return of the Handlebar Cam! Tour de Hammond Trail

  1. I kept expecting the Blair Witch to pop into the frame.

    Barring that, one simple way to make such videos more box-office friendly would be to biff it hard, preferably into an oncoming pedestrian.

  2. Capdiamont

    I find it interesting, actually. I face the same problem to a degree on my speeder videos. I think we need two axis stabilization. I’ve seen plans for a one axis DIY steady cam setup. I don’t know what to do though. I find hand holding my video cam is the best, my hard disk video cam has errors, attaching it directly to the speeder.

  3. Bike folks and train folks find common ground at last!


  4. jackdurham

    I guess bicycling on what used to be an old railroad grade will do that!

    Note: McKinleyville was ahead of its time when it converted rails into trails. It also built what may be the first roundabout in the county, although not many know where it is or how to use it.

  5. What was that track for, Jack? Did it go up to that abandoned town whose name escapes me at the moment?

  6. capdiamont

    It went to almost Trinidad. There was a Trinidad station, via Crannell.

  7. My understanding is that the tracks ran from Arcata all the way to Crannell.

    But what about Railroad Drive? That’s the street near A&L Feed. Where did those tracks go? Over the hill to Fieldbrook? There’s an Old Railroad Grade in Fieldbrook.

  8. capdiamont

    I think those also went to Crannell also. Not sure though. The railroads around here were like Spaghetti, they went most places. If your really interested where they went, you have to read “Steam in the Redwoods.” in the back is pages of detailed maps. One of the things I want to do, is plot them in google maps. Though, I think the authors missed one railroad, going around Table Bluff.
    They are talking about doing a reprint.

    Once they got to Crannell, they went to Trinidad Station, which was part of the NWP at one point.

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