Finding out about MCSD meetings

In the comments section in my last posting, Anonymous asked “How can people find out about public comment periods at emergency closed sessions?”

First of all, keep in mind that all MCSD meetings include a time for public comments, even closed session meetings.

If you’re looking for an official MCSD source, there are two options that I’m aware of. The easiest is to visit the MCSD website at Despite some stutter steps after the departure of former Business Manager Jim Harding, who was in charge of the website, agendas now appear to be posted in a timely matter.

The other option is the “old school” method. You stop by the MCSD bunker at 1656 Sutter Road and see if an agenda is posted in the window.

Many years ago the MCSD used to post an agenda at the McKinleyville Shopping Center, but I don’t know if that still takes place. So much has changed since everyone got online.

You can also check this blog, of course.


UPDATE: I showed up at today’s MCSD meeting about 25 minutes too early. The doors were locked and it was chilly outside, so I pedalled over to the McKinleyville Shopping Center and looked at the bulletin board. Lo and behold there was an MCSD agenda posted. I guess someone at the MCSD visits the shopping center and puts up and agenda before every meeting, even special meetings.

As for the meeting, I’ll have a very short report in Tuesday’s paper. Nothing earth shattering, although the directors did pledge their allegiance to a non-existent flag. That was weird.


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