BREAKING NEWS: Special meeting on ‘employee harassment/embezzlement investigation’ Saturday

A special closed session meeting of the MCSD Board of Directors has been called for 2 p.m. Saturday, March 29, at Azalea Hall, 1620 Pickett Road, McKinleyville.

Time will be provided at the beginning of the meeting for public comment. Then the board will convene behind closed doors, “per government section 54957.”

Here are the two closed session items exactly as they appear on the agenda:

• Personnel – Evaluation of performance in matters pertaining to employee harassment/embezzlement investigation. This is an information only item with no action to be taken.

• Contract negotiation with the general manager.

Then there’s an interesting bit of language near the end of the agenda under “Report out of closed session” that reads “No report shall be disclosed regarding employee release until all administrative remedies have been exhausted.”

It sounds like an employee may be released in relation to the alleged embezzlement. Otherwise, why would this language be included on the agenda?

The other noteworthy language on the agenda – faxed to the McKinleyville Press at exactly 4:20 p.m. today – is that it refers to “employee harassment.” I suspect this is a reference to the alleged “threats” that Manager Marking says former Business Manager Jim Harding made against an unnamed employee.



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7 responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Special meeting on ‘employee harassment/embezzlement investigation’ Saturday

  1. boo boo

    And so the plot thickens…

  2. miss manners

    smells like an old septic tank. wish the board would do what we elected them to do////// make a decision

  3. Anonymous

    I heard that another employee has now resigned. Is it true?

  4. Anonymous

    How can people find out about public comment periods at emergency closed sessions? Thanks to the McK Press blog for announcing this, but really, even then how many people will know?

    Too bad the board is so consumed with this sort of soap opera for all these years now. Imagine the positive things that could have been done with all this energy and time.

    I guess that what Ben Shepherd et al wants to avoid.

  5. Anonymous

    That’s the dumbest thing you’ve said yet. The positive things being done are because of the GM and a the dedication of many past board members like Ben. The lost time and energy are by your actions.

  6. jackdurham

    What actions did the anonymous person who posted at 11:24 p.m. on March 28 take that resulted in all this lost time and energy?

    I don’t know who the person is or what the person did. Please inform.

  7. Ben

    Just checked in today, but like you Jack, I wonder what I may have wanted to stop? That anonymous person believes that I have more power than I have.

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