$14 million school bond for Mack Town?

The report outlining all the repairs and upgrades needed at McKinleyville’s elementary schools is waiting for me at the district office.  Once I study that document, perhaps I’ll have an opinion on this school bond.
In the meantime, I’m posting an article that appeared in our March 11 issue before this blog was created.
By Elaine Weinreb
Press Staff Writer

All three of McKinleyville’s elementary schools need renovation, according to school officials, and local voters will be asked to pass a $14 million school bond on June 3 to cover the costs.

Dena McCullough, Superintendent of the McKinleyville Union School District, pitched the bond to the McKinleyville Chamber of Commerce at its Monday, March 3, meeting. The measure would result in an increase of $29.90 per $100,000 of assessed value for property owners residing within the school district’s boundaries.

Fifty-five percent of the voters must approve the bond in order for it to pass.

“The school board has been researching this for the last two years,” McCullough said. The school board hired consultants to write a report on the state of the school buildings and to gauge  the community’s willingness to pay for needed renovations.

When a poll showed that 63% of local residents were willing to pass the bond, the school board gave the go-ahead to put the measure on the ballot. Three hundred households participated in the poll.

McCullough emphasized that the funds would be used only for renovation of existing buildings.  No new facilities would be constructed, and no administrative costs, such as salaries, would be included.

McCullough said her highest priority was making sure that emergency vehicles could safely enter and exit all three schools.  She also hopes to replace outdated  school plumbing, water, and electrical systems, install energy-efficient windows, replace the roofs, and update science and computer labs.

“If you drive by any of the schools, they look pretty well maintained,” she said. “We have done a great job – by applying paint. It can hide a multitude of sins.”

McCullough would also like to see “an adequate gymnasium for the Middle School.”  This, she said, would not be funded by the bond. She hopes that the school district and the Mckinleyvilel Community Services District Parks and Recreation Department could apply jointly for a state grant and share the 50% local matching fund requirement.

Chamber members also discussed the school district’s declining enrollment.
McCullough said that enrollment is dropping all over the county. Chamber President Ben Shepherd observed that family sizes are decreasing, and that new county residents tend to be older people without young children.

The bond, called Measure C, will appear on the McKinleyville June 3 ballot.


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One response to “$14 million school bond for Mack Town?

  1. "Henchman of Justice"

    I will be voting NO!

    Let the voters understand that the State of California is responsible for paying these costs with the taxpayers generated revenues already received. Since the State misallocates tax revenues on purpose knowing that fear and desperation will entice voters to give more tax dollars to something already paid for, I often wonder where voter’s heads are. In fact, with the housing crisis, mortgage obligations, super-inflated property taxes based upon illegal assessments and valuation methods, I can factually say another scam is upon us.

    And 55%, should be 75% for a clear majority. In fact, school enrollment is going down and this loss of revenue is another attempt to put responsibility on the citizenry to subsidize even more; especially those who have no children. PROPERTY OWNERS ARE BEING PRICED OUT OF OWNERSHIP, GO FIGURE. VERY SAD!

    Oh, by the way, renters will have to pay more for their rent too. Good luck on affordable/living housing issues! lol.

    P.S. I like the new blog Jack. Good Job. In fact, I would like to see more responders to your Press Blog since you are local media outlet!

    Jeffrey Lytle
    McKinleyville – 5th District

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