McKinleyville Art Night.3.21.08


Naomi Silvertree of Trinidad mesmerized the crowd at Conscious Home with her harp music as folks enjoyed her display of prismacolor drawings and feasted on delicious hors d’oeuvres. Free snacks, art, music and conversation with nice people. What’s not to like about that?


Artist Annalisa McLaughlin showed her work at Plaza Design. She’s shown here with “Arabian Show-off,” one of several colorful acrylic on canvas paintings that portray horses in motion. Her work can be seen at Plaza Design through April.

You probably know Father Stephen MacPherson as the pastor of the Christ the King Roman Catholic Church in McKinleyville. But you probably don’t know that he’s a talented artist. Painting under the name STIOFAN, he creates abstract geometric designs in the style of the Soviet Avant-Garde of the 1920s and 1930s. He displayed his work at Blake’s Books. “My paintings have been compared to the Russian School of Constructivism – which are abstract, geometric and are constructed or organized,” STIOFAN said. “My favorite artist (painter), Kazimir Malevich (1878-1935), who is the founder of ‘Suprematism,’ has influenced me. I consider myself the ‘Founder of Redsquarism’ because all of my paintings have a ‘red square’ in them. All of my paintings have a classical religious theme, like the ‘Annunciation’ or ‘Creation’ and have a Latin name.” He continued “I’m just having fun painting red squares and playing with color, forms, textures, symbolism and imagery.”

Here’s STIOFAN with his interpretation of the “Annunciation.”

By the way, Tuesday is the Feast of the Annunciation, so this is a timely photo.


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