At Wednesday’s meeting, MCSD Board President John Corbett gave the controversy now gripping the district a name: Sodagate.

Although there’s no break-in involved (at least that we know of), it’s an apt name for the scandal, which involves two soda machines, suspected embezzlement and an alleged cover-up.

Now for a “pop” quiz: How can two soda machines make about $1,000 in profit each year for about a two-year period, and then lose money for the next year and a half even though the MCSD continued to purchase soda?

Details in next week’s paper.



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25 responses to “Sodagate!

  1. converted

    just a blown out of porportion BS non manager caused issue. All the anti-distric blow hards should be hanging their heads in shame.

  2. jackdurham

    I’m a strong proponent of the whole idea of the MCSD. That’s why I cover it and report the good, bad and the ugly.

  3. flash allen

    Having read the papers and attended the mcsd meeting, I have to wonder where some of this information is coming from. It’s apparenely released to the press but not to the public at the mcsd meeting? What are we to believe? I would really like to know mcsd’s version some day.

  4. Anonymous

    Yes, but it’s a “personnel issue” and therefore legally cannot be discussed by MCSD directors. So Marking has free reign to make up whatever he wants, and no one on the board can contradict him.

  5. creakdr

    I have to suspect your motives 4:06, as all that a personnel issue means is it cannot be discuss in public. The board is kept informed, as was stated at the last meeting an audit/investigation has been ordered. The info in the paper is not being released by the district or the directors. Frankly it is mostly hearsay and best guess. When it is resolved, there will be a public report. The manager does not have free reigh to make up anything. If u have been paying much attention the board seems to have no problem contradicting the manager. In fact contradicting the manager without knowing what he was talking about cost one director dearly. To try and fry the manager as this group did at the last board meeting was dispicable. Tom is a good guy but he is over the top, out of control, it was as if they where reading from the same scrip. It is not just the manager that they are attacking, but also the MCSD.

  6. jackdurham

    Just for the record, the allegations in last Tuesday’s front-page article on this subject were all sourced. The allegations were made by Jim Harding, the former business manager and treasurer for the district. Jim served as the Business Manager for 11 years, created the district’s budgets and most of the financial documents used by the MCSD board to make important decisions. He was basically the second in command over there when Manager Tom Marking went on vacation.

    Now we’re being told that we shouldn’t believe anything he says.

    As for Manager Marking not being able to talk, he actually said quite a lot during an interview this week and at the end of Wednesday’s meeting. These comments will be reported in the coming paper.

    Some may wonder: Why weren’t these comments included in last Tuesday’s paper?

    The answer is simple: Marking declined to comment the week before.

  7. miss manners

    the only thing we wonder about was why the press would take one position statement and decide that was the correct position? Reporting is one thing being an advocate is quite an other. Untill all the facts are in, to go down the garden path with the anti-growth,anti-Marking,anti-the voters choice radical but vocal minority seems unbalanced and unfair to the MCSD.

  8. Ben

    Most responsible reporters would show restraint when reporting from one side of a story, when that side is a recently “forced to retire” individual. The coverage was in the least sensational and intended to grab attention and dare I say, sell papers. To be trusted as a source of information, the McKinleyville Press needs to be more responsible and not obviously biased. Jack clearly has a bias toward Marking and it is showing!

  9. jackdurham

    When you made allegations awhile back about a board member, I wrote about them and splattered the news all over the front page without “restraint.” You may also recall that I printed one of your letters that even the Eureka Reporter refused to publish. Apparently, your standards have changed. – Jack

  10. miss manners

    Your responce to Ben seems only half true. Did you then call for the resignation of the accused board member with only one half of the story? Did you take Ben’s position as gospel?You seem to being changing the standards. Take a step back and report. Leve the advocacy to healthy humboldt.

  11. Ben

    I am not the press!

  12. flash allen

    I agree with miss manners and ben. And I wonder how the press will look and what the press will do if/when mcsd releases a version that completely contradicts what was written in last weeks paper. Especially after hearing the general manager state that “most of what you read in the paper is false.” Employees who are “forced to retire” and who are seemingly pissed at the general manager can spit out whatever they want, but mcsd can’t say a thing to back their GM because it’s a personnel issue. As creakdr said, “When it is resolved, there will be a public report.” But the press can’t/won’t wait for that…

  13. flash allen

    and there will be more and more egg to wipe off…

  14. miss manners

    Again is it the press position or were you told that Harding was the #2 man and ran the district when the GM was gone? Harding is a good book keeper but not able to run the district or do the GM job even for short periods. The talented person filling that nich is Greg O. If you support the MCSD”idea”,then call for the current board to do its job. Call the question and vote to support this manager or not. That’s what the voters expect and deserve not a continued soap opera of indecision.

  15. jackdurham

    You’ll be able to read Manager Tom Marking’s statements that contradict Harding in Tuesday’s paper. It’s on the front page. He basically says that Harding’s allegations are false and without merit.
    – Jack

  16. jackdurham

    When the public report comes out, we’ll print it. – Jack

  17. flash allen

    Hey jack, how about a preview of tomorow’s headline on you blog today?

  18. joke of the day

    Will you call for an apology from Harding to Marking then?

  19. joke of the day

    Will the headline be as curt to Mr. Harding as it was to the district and the GM?

  20. jackdurham

    Manager says allegations are false, without merit

    Have at it!

  21. miss manners

    So you will continue the biased position?

  22. jackdurham

    I stand by the opinion column I wrote in the March 18 edition.

    In the event that it turns out I was a bonehead and my opinion column was completely wrong, I’ll do something unprecedented in the history of McKinleyville politics – I’ll admit my errors and apologize!

    I don’t think it will come to that, but time will tell.

  23. flash allen

    I don’t know jack, are you still demanding an appology to harding and for the board to hire him back, even though there seems to be much more to the story… Even though your opinion column is sounding more and more one-sided as we are given little “pieces” from the board and marking… At the board meeting I was told that staff AND the board say that they couldn’t comment now, but given time, the mcsd would release “their side of the story.” Nobody wants to wait for the truth, or at least for both sides of the story.

  24. dave

    I can’t help but noticing that the attacks on Jack’s credibility keep coming from the same people. Talk about bias. He’s not saying what these few individuals want so they whine.
    I wonder what the majority of readers think?

  25. Anonymous

    Boy you sure bitch slapped us dave. i know better now,i will never disagree with you again. my bad

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