Turmoil at the MCSD

Last month the McKinleyville Community Services District added a really nice feature to its website – supporting documents for its monthly meeting agenda. This provides the public with a lot of the nitty-gritty details that can’t possibly be printed in their entirety in a newspaper.

But you’ll notice that the MCSD website has remained static since the Feb. 20 board meeting. There was no agenda posted on the website for the special meeting on March 4. And as of this evening, there’s no agenda posted for the March 19 meeting.

Why did the MCSD upgrade its website, and then entirely walk away from it within a period of weeks? Because there’s turmoil inside the office at 1656 Sutter Road. A key staff member, who just happened to be in charge of updating the website, says he was forced to retire. After his paperwork was in order and benefits secured, he filed a complaint with the District Attorney and Humboldt County Grand Jury.

Details will be revealed in Tuesday’s paper. And, trust me, updating the district’s website is the least of the issues that the Board of Directors will need to deal with.

As for the agenda for the Wednesday, March 19, meeting, I had hoped to just link to it, but it looks like I’ll need to post the whole thing on this blog once I get it typed.

Here are some of the agenda items:

• Yummy fluoride – Now that the HBMWD has decided against adding fluoride, it’s up to the MCSD to decide whether to add it to its own water supply.

• A status report on the sewer plant – Basically, the numbers indicate that the plant is doing well and the quality of the effluent is improving. Still, I wouldn’t recommend running through the sprinklers down at the Fischer Ranch.

• Manager Tom Marking’s contract – Should he get a $5,431 annual raise, bringing his salary to $114,040 a year, along with a $57,000 bonus in the event that he quits his job or is terminated, with or without cause?



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10 responses to “Turmoil at the MCSD

  1. the shasow

    shit happens– with or with out TP

  2. McKinleyvillan

    It sounds like something similar to what happened in Marking’s wake in Burney is now brewing in McKinleyville. Who came up with this $57,000 bonus if Marking quits or gets fired? Sounds kind of like extortion.

  3. Marking came up with it himself!

  4. creakdr

    An so the propaganda machine moves this quick to the Mck Press. Question then answer, repeat enough and some will believe. You don’t know shit about what happened in Burney as the settlement was closed. Sounds less like extortion than payment for for doing a great job for 8+years, then getting messed with by a bunch of 2 bit manipulative outsiders for the most part.

  5. Anonymous

    ok, Dr. Bill, thanks for clearing that up.

  6. down river

    Great job?
    Please don’t make me laugh.
    Marking needs to go now, not be given a raise.

  7. Anonymous

    not trying to clear something up, just a comment as a citizen of McK. My wordpress account states my name and as I use creakdr for all my e-mail including my board positions, just about everyone knows it. As far as making whomever down river laugh, again we have a anon blogger, making comments that they cannot backup. The only part I was commenting on really was that it was unfortunate that your blog will be turned into the same crap as Humboldt Hearld and so may others.
    Looks like it is the fate of many blogs, wish I knew an answer.

  8. creakdr

    I don’t know why it sent me as a anon

  9. Prob’ly weren’t signed in…

    ‘S quite a story, Jack. I have to say I agree with you.

  10. beachg

    Is it true that there has been name calling, blaming, besmirching, rejecting others who dare to challenge, attributing pathological motives to others which is often a sign of projection, grabbing control of media (in this case by canceling the McKinleyville Press) and paranoid traits, poor impulse control and downright rudeness. I couldn’t believe that this stuff was going on and the MCSD board was actually keeping the status quo. If they were wives, I’d say they needed to go to the Battered Women’s Shelter for a while and get some help.

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