Santos Subdivision

This week’s McKinleyville Press has a front-page article about the Santos Subdivision, which will be built on what’s now a pasture at the corner of School Road and Windsor Avenue in McKinleyville.

It’s an interesting subdivision because it will change the look and character of the neighborhood and add more traffic to our streets. On the flip side, it will also result in major improvements to what is now a very dangerous section of School Road, at least for pedestrians.

Today I stopped by the Planning Department and looked through the file.


Here’s the subdivision map. Click on it to see a larger image. As you can see, McKinleyville Avenue will be extended all the way to School Road.


Here’s a graphic showing the sidewalks and bike lanes. This is the part of the project I’m excited about. Eventually, it may actually be safe to bike or walk up School Road.

Here’s this week’s article:

Pasture to be developed on School Road

Pasture to be developed on School Road

By Daniel Mintz
Press Staff Writer

A new subdivision bordered by Windsor Avenue and School Road in McKinleyville will add 88 residential lots to the town’s housing mix – and more auto traffic to the area.

Proposed by Mary and Domingo Santos, the project at 1671 Windsor Avenue will subdivide 20.7 acres and the developers will widen School Road to accommodate increased traffic. Before being approved at the Thursday, March 6, Humboldt County Planning Commission meeting, the project’s elements were described by Phil Gutierrez, the developers’ representative.

He acknowledged the impact of having that many lots but emphasized the project’s inclusion of two parks and a trail system. Gutierrez also highlighted the road improvements. McKinleyville Avenue will be extended all the way to School Road and Gutierrez said the School Road widening will benefit the community beyond the subdivision.

“We’re basically building roads, for thoroughfare, for McKinleyville,” he told commissioners.

There was some low laughter among commissioners. “That’s the problem,” said Commissioner Mary Gearhart.

More traffic is a concern for Ken Miller, who lives on Ocean Drive near the end of School Road. He said that in combination with other recently-built subdivisions, the 88-lot project will load the area with traffic. “When you widen School Road and put up fences along it, you’ve got a dragstrip – and this is a residential area,” said Miller.

He suggested using traffic-calming techniques like traffic circles, speed limit reduction and speed humps. Miller is one of the property owners who lives near the fast-eroding Mad River bluff, and he’s also concerned that the project’s drainage will worsen the situation.

The traffic situation was discussed by commissioners, who were told that School Road is a collector route and speed humps aren’t doable because they would encourage traffic diversion to narrower streets. Gutierrez said the developers are already paying for a lot of road improvements and that the School Road widening will include bike lanes on both sides.

Gearhart asked for and got changes to the fencing and landscaping along School Road, including the planting of street trees, which she said would slow traffic and would allow people to “feel like they’re in more of a community.”

The project was unanimously approved by commissioners. Approval of a Permanent Road Division, in which subdivision residents pay for road, drainage and landscaping maintenance through property tax fees, will be sought from the Board of Supervisors for the project.



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5 responses to “Santos Subdivision

  1. textwrapper

    Speedbumps are a good idea.
    I’m thinking about improvising some down here in Eureka.

  2. Kym

    Welcome to wordPress! I love the comments section.

  3. Kym! How do you find all the new blogs?!?

  4. Kym

    Rose, wordPress has a tagsurfer. I enter what I’m interested in following like Humboldt or photography then anybody who posts also “tags” their posts with whatever subjects their post is about.

    Then I go to my tagsurfer and it shows me any new posts in my interests. If you notice, the new blogs I find are in WordPress. You found the one on blogspot for Aunt Laura of the Humboldt Movie before I did.

    The tag surfer is one of the reason I like WordPress so much. The way you can follow comments so easily is another. If you comment on any wordpress blog, anytime anyone comments after you, it shows up in your Comments section. Even months later. This way you don’t have to sign up for email followup and your email doesn’t get clogged with comments.

  5. dave

    sigh…more development…more people…more crime…more traffic…another developer gets richer…more green belt disappears…and there’s no end in sight.
    some call this progress…
    pardon me while I puke.

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