McKinleyville Totem Pole

McKinleyville Totem Pole

This is a test to see how this blog works. It’s also an opportunity to share my fascination with the McKinleyville Totem Pole.



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2 responses to “McKinleyville Totem Pole

  1. Resident of Mckinleyville

    I have been a long time resident of McKinleyville and one thing I’ll share with you is, after the Totem Pole was repainted (very nice job Duane) the winter storm blew down one of the antennas at the top. Maybe a year passed and the other antenna blew down and still sits that way. These two antennas were placed on top so the Totem Pole would remain the tallest. I think these two antennas should be replaced. What do you think?

  2. Denise Miller

    I am a 50 yr.old gramma living in Texas and remember this pole as a child,my sister still lives there on parkview,as well as other family members.What a shame i think it would be to ignore this.This totem pole deserves to be the tallest,its an historical monument to people like me that remember its grandeur as a small child.

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